A page dedicated to the art of Dance for Film. Artistically self directed and choreographed projects, photos and notes about the process. 


"Emptying the Nest" was my first video playing with storytelling and dance. My inspirations were taken from my surrounding environment of Cape Charles-- this sleepy beach town that once was a vacation get-away for the wealthy. Living in Germany, and returning to the US for this project, I chose to reflect and critique the desire to have the  "American Dream". Walking past these big white-picketed houses (now damaged, decaying and rotting away), I thought about what it would have looked like in its glory days and played with the ideas of what actually happened inside those protective shiny windows and rose hedges. Was it a happy home? Did the inhabitants live two lives: a public place and a private side? Did they have the freedoms of "getting away from it all"? Is this a definition of the American Dream? Many more questions and inspirations came up, and so the camera rolling began. Hope you enjoy!

This is a Dance for Film created over my time at Experimental Film Virginia. In a week we conceptualized our ideas, pitched our project, formulated a crew, selected dancers and BAM!--two days to rehearse, shoot our film and complete an edited version of our film for viewing the next day. Mahalo to all of those that contributed their time, talents and energy into the project!

Video Over _____ Under shot in Virginia. August, 2014

Video Over _____ Under shot in Virginia. August, 2014

Here is a video I helped to produce as well as dance in, during my time in Virginia. Direction, choreography and editing credits go to Amy Love Beasley. 

Water is beautiful, water is calming. drip drip, ripple flow...over and out we go.

Watch the link here an VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/104025951