Almost a Year Ago...

My computer erased my first draft of this post :-/ but maybe that was meant to be...I will begin again:

Almost a year ago was the last event I posted on this blog. It seems that I can't write faster than things happen...

2014 ended with a busy summer working on some commercial videos, dance training in the south of Germany and then heading to Virginia for a Gaga Workshop + Film Workshop to pursue my growing passion using dance with film. I ended the year with some good collections of work and a new idea for StudioJaz.

My statement for my 2014 is: Found an assortment of seeds, tried them all out, picked out some that were warm and held potential, bought some nutritious soil to plant them in, gave water, care, love, warmth and practiced patience, believing that they would sprout.

In 2015, there are indeed sprouts!

I remember when I was in the middle of my schooling in the early 2000's, looking at "end of the world" movies like 2012 come out or seeing the date 2020 and thinking, wow that seems so "futuristic" and far away. It's 2015 and I am surprised myself to be experiencing a year I thought was out of reach then. For the past three years I have undergone a death to the past ideas of myself, and the world did feel like it was ending, as I had no idea how to start again without proceeding in the same way I had my before.

As some of my Auntie's from Maui call it, I "Jumped over the ti leaf" without knowing what was coming, and I am glad that I did, and hope to continue to do so.

This year will bring new connections, new collaborations, new works/performances, new projects, and new opportunities to confront my struggles.

With my birthday soon approaching--hitting the milestone of a quarter of a century (yikes already!!)-- I am in full reflection of all that has happened in my life, all the people that have been a part of it in some way, and for those who are just entering it, even though I haven't met you yet. I am in gratitude for your influence on my life and your support of me personally, as Jazmyne, or of my work, StudioJaz.

This year is going to be a strong beginning to what is continuing to grow, what will be created and what is to come in the next years.

I am looking forward to delivering art that is strong and comes from my truth...and I hope you don't expect anything less from me. 

I am looking forward to posting and sharing more with you this year.

To powerful new beginnings!


With/In/Be all meanings connected to this expression