Soli I Tai – Soli I Uta : Tread on the Sea—Tread on the Land

(Berlin-Dahlem Museum, an Acti.VA.tion by Rosanna Raymond)


StudioJaz was in Berlin on the weekend of April 26th-27th, to contribute and participate in an Acti.VA.tion piece held in the Berlin-Dahlem Museum as well as the feedback performance session on the 29th at the Freie Universität Berlin. It was her first time ever in the ethnological museum looking at the South Sea Collection.


“It was amaaaazing. They have so much stuff there! It was sad that I didn’t have the time to really look at everything. They had huge wa’a (canoes), big meeting houses from the Marquesas islands I believe. I felt so small in that room! It was an interesting process to be in the setting of a museum, a place that holds sacred treasures of other cultures on display. There is an inner struggle as one part wants these precious artifacts returned to their homelands, and on the other side it is useful in sharing the culture and educating people in foreign lands more about the people from the South Seas…It is hard to explain the feeling of being a contemporary person from the Pacific, walking into a place that protects the traditional. You being a living contemporary person from those lands creates the hugest contrast to the aesthetic the Dahlem museum holds, which is focused on the past. Saying that, it was even more important and highly intriguing to move around the space for this activation because all these ideas and contrasts were present. I learned a lot looking at the Hawaiian Collection. There were so many powerful gods in those cases that it was first hard to work in, but we worked it out. The activation went well and it felt really good. The experience being a part of this project was unbelievable and I am very grateful for being a part of it. “


StudioJaz contributed to the Hawaiian Collections part of the activation and worked with Rosanna to integrate into her work dance movement and a poetry response, as well as help to embody “the goddess”, the strength and power of contemporary Pacific women.


Mahalo Rosanna Raymond, the Indigeneity in the Contemporary World team, and Freie Universität.